The Dreaded Imposter Syndrome And How To Overcome IT

written byPeyton Eckman
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`Something that can be totally devastating for your high ticket coaching business is the imposter syndrome. A lot of coaches suffer from this and you need to know what to do if it happens to you. Failure to deal with imposter syndrome properly can result in you being unable to provide a high ticket program to clients.

What exactly is Imposter Syndrome? If you suffer from imposter syndrome you will falsely believe that you are not good enough to provide high ticket coaching. It may be that you falsely believe that you do not have the necessary experience or qualifications to deliver high ticket coaching. At the end of the day, you will have the perception that you are an imposter or a fraud and that you have no place trying to deliver high ticket coaching. You may even feel that you have no place demanding such a high price from clients. Most of the time people that suffer from imposter syndrome have a lot of evidence that they are not a fraud. You may already have a number of satisfied clients and many other clients looking to join your high ticket coaching program.

In order to overcome imposter syndrome, you need to be able to recognize it. Recognizing that you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome There are a number of different signs that you can look for that will confirm that you are suffering from imposter syndrome. An obvious sign that you have imposter syndrome is the constant comparison with other high ticket coaches. When you make these comparisons then you feel that you are not as good as these people. Experiencing negative thoughts even after delivering a great coaching session is another sign of imposter syndrome. Sufferers from imposter syndrome often make a lot of excuses when they are unable to achieve something. Not having all of the clients that you want does not mean that you are a failure or an imposter.

Use the Process to Overcome Imposter Syndrome There is a specific process to overcome imposter syndrome that you need to use. Just telling yourself that you are not an imposter is unlikely to be enough. You need to take action on a daily basis to stop your mind lying to you that you are an imposter. Use Mindfulness to Increase Awareness Using mindfulness will help you to overcome imposter syndrome. It is easy for you to practice mindfulness and you can use meditation, practice deep breathing, taking mindful walks and journaling. The method is not important. Use mindfulness to enable you to look at yourself so that you can work out what is triggering imposter syndrome. Make a Note of your Experiences It is a good idea to keep and maintain a journal to record important events in your life. Every time that you experience the symptoms of imposter syndrome then write this down. Keep doing this for at least 30 days. Make sure that you write down what triggers the imposter syndrome. What emotions do you experience when this happens? Do you experience any negative thoughts? Don’t make any judgments when you are recording everything. Assess what you Write Take a look at what you have written and determine how they make you feel. How does this differ to how you want to feel? Are you dwelling in your past to trigger negative thoughts? You want to release any negative thoughts with more empowering ones.